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You've turned me into looking like a perpetual tourist. (How else do you think I get these photos for you?). But you know what? I don't think that is such a bad thing. Because seriously, what is the point of lugging around a camera and entering the ultimate level of geekdom? So that we can capture the moment and take everything in so that we don't forget. Because what I said two posts ago is really true. This moment, right now, only happens once. Even something as repetative as work or school can be, that moment, with those people, only happens once. I learned this from my personal finance professor of all places, on my last day in his class, and I have never forgotten it.

It is the single greatest lesson that has helped me see life entirely differently. It makes it so I don't have "boring" days anymore. And it has helped me so much as a writer. When you see every moment as something slipping away forever, you soak it all in so you don't forget. I drink life up now, even more than I did before. I love waking, loving every day just a little bit more. I love life, and I am soaking every sight and sound while I am still here. Life is a fantastic thing, and I want to live every moment of it. That is what being an author, and a human, is all about - living.

Remember this moment, and every moment. It's all we have.


Unknown said...

What a celebration of life! I ADORE your philosophy!