UBER Linky Love

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses.

Wow, just wow. There is so much to link to that I'm still geeking out about it.

-First: ever hear about a bookhack? Well for all bibliophiles out there like yours truly here are 100 Awesome Bookhacks for Students and Biliophiles. Everything from book care to downloading antique children books for free, this site is made of pure awesome.

-Kristin Cashore, author of Graceling and Fire is taking a new direction with her blog and has mentioned a few of her recent favorite reads (which include Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith and I love her for that). She also wants to know what you are reading.

-Jim C. Hines has done a Seuss tribute to the infamous slush pile (where my officially named BLM now resides). Here is a partial of the poem:

You just hate me ’cause I’m new!
I’m too original for you!

Too original you say?
This book is one absurd cliché!
It should not see the light of day.

I do not like your Mary Sues.
I do not like your crackhead muse.
Eve and Adam, Star Trek slash,
Tolkien ripoffs, pointless trash,
Prologues forty pages long,
Spelling every third word wrong.
I do not want to read this slush.
It’s all too much, my brain is mush!

Just one more story for today.
Soon I’ll clear this slush away.
No more vampires, I pray.

You can read the full poem here (and he apologizes to Seuss in advance). Be warned, it is irreverent and crass at parts (the parts I chose not to take). Just to give you a heads up my linky clickers. I try to keep this a G-rated blog. :)

-And the most exciting news of all? A new publishing company is setting up to take off soon - Tu Publishing (which means "you" in many languages). This one is really exciting because its goal is to publish multicultural science fiction and fantasy for children and YA. I think that is completely the coolest thing ever. But for those of you who don't know, it's really hard to start up a business from scratch. Click here for editor Stacy Whitman's breakdown of the plan (and if you can help out, even $5, you get perks bounced back to you). :D And just so you know, my BLM counts as a multicultural YA fantasy, so there is a quadruple reason for me to want to see this succeed.

And last but not least (from inkygirl, Happy National Punctuation Day. ^_^

Exclamation marks

-[EDIT]: Oh and here is a really cool article on why YA fantasy and science fiction not only rocks, but is thriving (it's really funny too).


Shannon Messenger said...

Love the links heather. Who knew there was a National Punctuation Day?

To celebrate: ; ' , . / ? ! " ( )

Did I miss anything?

Heather Zundel said...

Shannon - I know. But what is even funnier is that my local paper had an article about it, on the front page even. I was quite taken aback.

You might have missed [], if those count. ;)