Feature Fun Friday - Magic Under Glass Book Trailer

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Ocean Wide by The Afters.

With all the bad press hullabaloo going on because of this book's cover, I thought it high time to give debut author Jaclyn Dolamore some good press. So here is her book trailer for Magic Under Glass, where a woman falls in love with a fairy gentleman trapped in an automaton and she must try to save him, and their entire world. Cool stuff. Check it out below!


Kirthi said...

This is an odd trailer, with the two cartoon people staring...:D I like the heart at the beginning though, and the cute music at the end!

MissAttitude said...

Good idea, some positive press. Although it was mostly post for the author since people were saying they liked the book. I like this trailer and the designers of the new cover were actually shown the trailer to so that's a good sign :)
Congrats on finishing the first draft of your manuscript, that's gotta feel great!

Heather Zundel said...

Kirthi - It doesn't give much away, but I must also give kudos for the audio editing. :)

MissAttitude - Yep, that was what I was thinking. Poor debut author. I feel bad she had to get wrapped up in all of this mess. And thank you, Ari! It did feel very good. Nigh unto giddy, I believe.