A Hunger Games Release Party

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Hanging by a Moment by Lifehouse.

I can't believe I didn't post this. I mean, I really can't. Here I am geeking out about how awesome possum The Hunger Games is and I don't even post about the midnight release party I snuck into! Okay, there wasn't any sneaking, they let me in just fine, but the bouncer dude at the door with arms like a gorilla did look really scary. ;) I had to flash him my most winning smile then promptly darted to the Teen section (and there were other people there. My age. All at once. And no one was giving me funny looks. It. Was. Awesome).

The first thing I immediately noticed was how laid back it was. It was a lot more relaxed than the Breaking Dawn party I managed to go to, and about 20 degrees cooler (that one was like a humid, stinky sauna of 700-2,000 bodies pressing very close to each other. There was no where to move. Much squeezing and apologizing abounded). But this? People sitting in aisles, texting and browsing. It was like shopping for two hours (of course I've never shopped for books for two hours before *shifty eyes*) and no one caring if you cracked open a book and started reading because hey - what else are you going to do?

Here is the line for Cinna's hairstyle station (yeah, I squeed really loud). The line was mega long so I didn't get in (I was um, reading too many books), but they had some awesome styles and even spray-on colors and the like. It was definitely one of the most popular stations.

And perhaps the coolest thing when compared to the Breaking Dawn release party, there were guys in the store too. Besides the Edward Cullen stand-in, I can't remember many guys there. There were lots of girls though. :) I love it when I see the male reading population out in mass, even giving up precious sleep for a book. Be still my heart. *flutters*

The cafe was also one of the other busiest places. When you're waiting and they offer sugar-coated treats of goodness just begging to be consumed, how can you not take them up on the offer? Yeah, smart move Starbucks. :)

Oh yeah, and they had specialty character drinks.

I love Haymitch's because I thought it was funny, but I was going to get a Rue drink because it looked so good. But then my heart stopped. What? No Cinna drink?! How could this be? There wasn't anyone more deserving of a classic drink that him! (Okay, so what if I have a teensy crush on Cinna?). So up I marched clutching my purse I very politely asked why there could be no drink to honor the amazing/hot/incredible Cinna (okay, so I didn't use any of those adjectives, but I sure thought it). And they said it was because it was too early in the season to have (ah crap. I can't even remember what they were going to give him for his drink. Apple Cider?). And then I went - oh, that makes sense. But I asked for a special drink for him anyway. :)

They gave me a pumpkin spice hot drink, no coffee, specially made to order. It was a good thing too because it was rather cold that night. And of course I had to put Cinnamon on it.

So there I sat, happily drinking my very special concoction, working out my Hunger Games crossword puzzle as the clock ticked down the last fifteen minutes. But I realized as I drank it that it didn't feel very much like Cinna. Cinna was much richer and more complex, like, like... hot chocolate. Not the fakey powder kind you can buy in the store, but real hot chocolate. And then I realized - I could make a recipe for him. My mind started whirling and the time flew. And that was, by far, the best way to end the countdown in those last few desperate seconds. So yes, a Cinna-inspired hot chocolate recipe is coming your way. Look for it, coming to you this holiday season. :)


lotusgirl said...

Sounds yummy. I love "real" hot chocolate.