Audiobook Review Kickoff!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Claras Vals (Clara's Waltz) by Väsen.

As you may know, it is National Audiobook Month (if you didn't, happy day!), and this fills me with squee, because while I am *extremely* picky about the audiobooks I listen to, I am definitely a fan. So I am going to bring to you some of my favorite audiobooks, in case you are ever in need or feel a desire to venture into the foray of audiobook world (hopefully I will also find a way to embed samples you as well so you can decide if you like them for yourselves). And... I think that was all one giant sentence *glances up*. Nope, it was two. I'm okay. :)

Get ready for some fun!


greg said...

I love it when people mention audiobooks. Especially when people are sharing there favorites. my kids love audiobooks and they love it even more when i record there favorite book for them so they can listen to me read to them when i am away on business. Thank you for sharing your favorite books and maybe we can get more people to share them as well

markis said...

audiobooks are a great way to spend some family time together and all these books you shared will be a huge family night.