It's a Diana Wynne Jones Celebration!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves.

Diana Wynne Jones is one of those great writers. Not "I-am-great-therefore-I-am" snarky kind. She ranks among the ones being as good as or greater than toast on jam. Which is a pretty amazing invention, if you think about it.

Diana Wynne Jones is one of the great ones. My heart cracked in a way I didn't know it could last year when she finally passed after a two+ year battle with cancer. I'm not sure if it is fully mended. But Greenwillow Books (her American publisher) has put together something grand. It is a "week" (and by a week they basically mean a month) of Diana Wynne Jones. It is a celebration and makes me want to bound around a bit. Kind of like Bambi when he was twitterpated. Kind of. Sort of. Yeah, a lot like that actually.

You can submit anything you want to their tumblr, or follow the blog tour that is going all over the internet. It is fantastic. It makes me giggle with joy.

So to get into the spirit of it all, here is a wonderful watercolor done by Agent-Elrond/Grace Ogawa on deviantart for a book of DWJ I didn't even know existed (guess who is about to dash off and remedy this?). Here is the quote from Eight Days of Luke, where she took her inspiration from:

When he came out on the hillside, the storm had died down and there was a sunset gathering. Luke was crouched just below him looking tired to death, ten times more tired than he had looked after Mr. Wedding caught him. And as soon as he set eyes on him, David discovered that knowing all about someone need not change your feelings at all. Luke might be lord of fire and master of mischief. He might have done a number of appalling things and be going to do more before he was through. But David was simply very glad to see him again, and extremely sorry that he had been so slow fetching the hammer that he had tired Luke out.

Isn't she a great writer? I must find this book now.