Five Reasons Why I Love Winter

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): You Don't Dream in Cryo by James Horner [Avatar soundtrack].

Five Reasons Why I Absolutely Love Winter...

1). Hot Chocolate. Hands down. I drink the stuff like most people drink coffee. But now I don't get funny looks like when I am hugging my thermos in mid-July.

2). The stillness the snow brings. Sure, moving the stuff after it has partially melted feels a whole lot like shoveling the world's largest slushee, but when it is quiet it feels like the whole world is holding its breath, and waiting for something spectacular to happen. I love it.

3). Ice melt. It is winter fairy dust. ^_^

4). Snow falling across lamplight in the dark. It's just pretty.

5). But the reason I love winter best is everyone seems to change a little bit more during this time of year. Maybe it is the thought of family and kindness, but it makes any toss-up of downsides and leaves them in the dust. And that is totally worth me not feeling my fingertips until April. :)


Kami said...

I drink Hot Cocoa like people drink coffee too!! I have to have at least 1 cup every day all year round!

Meg said...

Winter out west is so much prettier than the winter in PA...Here there is pretty snow for 10 minutes...and then massive amounts of slush.