Check this out FAST!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Kyrie by Mr. Mister.

I REALLY need to put this up here now because time is almost out. There is a wonderful young woman who is trying to open up a teen/children's exclusive bookstore in Utah called Fire Petal Books. (yes, my home state). ^_^ But again, this takes money. Not only am I a HUGE supporter of independent bookstores, it is a teen/children's exclusive bookstore. How awesome is that?!

And there is a major incentive. She has one of the coolest, biggest auctions going I have ever seen anywhere. Signed copies of books than I can name, one of which being a signed screenplay by Neil Gaiman. Yes. The Neil Gaiman. Other auction items include a full manuscript critique by Molly O'Neil, a children's editor at Harper Collins (there is also one for a fifteen minute phone conversation with her. Imagine the possibilities!). There is also one for lunch with Bree Despain. Seriously. This stuff is gold.

The catch? It all ends in 24 hours.

So go, check it out now. I'm only wishing I had oodles of money for all of the pretty pretty things. Me personally? I'm thinking on bidding for the rights to name the teen room. That just sounds so cool.

Go! Check it out! Clicky here.


Jen said...

How sweet of you to post this! I'll be sure to check it out and see what I can do! I totally support this passion!

Dana Cheryl said...

Sweet! I love indy bookstores and this one sounds especially awesome!!

Heather Zundel said...

Jen - Thanks so much. Part of the auction has been extended until Aril 2 (I believe).

Dana - This indy does sound very incredible. I'm doubly happy it is for kids/teens. And I think it's admirable to try and start a new business in this economy.