Adventures at the State Fair

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Breathing by Lifehouse.

You guys were so right. I did go to the State Fair (this is 2009's though. I was looking through my photos and went something like "Whoa! I didn't know I took pictures of that!") I love the fair. There's such a cool atmosphere there. But you won't see me near any of the rides. I hold serious doubts to the safety of anything big and mechanical that can be assembled or dissembled in a day. Just sayin.

Yum. I love trying new things and I can definitely say this is the first time I've ever had a pork burger. I had a bison burger once. Also good. And even better - there was a gelato station just around the corner. Heaven *dies of happiness in glorious gelato-y thoughts* :)

See the chandelier? Out of place? I thought so. But this is where we had my prom. No, seriously (but maybe that's a common practice. Is it?). When I came here (no limo, unlike other groups. But I was okay with that) I was seriously afraid of stepping in a cow pie. I was even more terrified because I had to shell out the dough for the dress myself (and seriously! What guy in their right mind gives girls in $200-$800 prom dresses baked potatoes with CHILLI and fried chicken as food choices for dinner!? There may have been spaghetti too, but that could just be imagined in my state of near paranoia. However, they did serve us in tuxedos, which was very very hot and very gentlemanly like, so I forgave them. Though I've never eaten so slow in my life before).

Back at the State Fair - I had no idea if this guy was real or not. I *think* he was because how well he moved, but I'm still not sure. He gathered quite a crowd too.

I think he was proposing to this girl here. Or waltzing. Maybe both.

And the famous butter sculpture! Yes, it is indeed a cow in a tutu and I have no idea why the other one was wearing a scarf. Maybe they were dancing on an ice rink. :) What do they do with all of that butter once it's gone? World's biggest brownie has my vote. :)


christina said...

I love fairs too! Fairs and festivals. In fact, the more unique the better. This past week I went to a mullet festival. The fish, not the hair style Heh.