Enough Release Day Awesome to Explode Your Brain.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Major Tom by Shiny Toy Guns.

This week has been jaw-dropping for releases. Not only is it the last couple of days before the Cybils nominations close (if you haven't nominated a book (or several) go! Go now! Shoo!), but they has to squeeze in the last few books that would qualify for this year. Seriously, my brain nearly exploded from the sheer amount of awesome crammed into a single release day of October 12th. Not only are books like Enchanted Ivy and Stork released today, but look at these!

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

Another Percy Jackson book? I'm hyperventilating. Gimmie!

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner

Just the thing to get me off my Hunger Games withdrawal! Dark, dystopian and totally creepy, I'm so glad I'm *required* to read this for the Cybils. Yes, forced. It's terrible. Truly.

The Butler Gets a Break: A Bellweather Tale by Kristin Clark Venuti

Okay, so not on the famous scale as these other two, but dang is this a sweet and funny story, and I had no idea the sequel was already ready to be out! Happy Day! (and you can read my review of the first one here).


Scott said...

I just finished "The Lost Hero". Excellent! I love what Rick Riordan has done with this new series.


Celtic Traveler said...

OOH, yes. The first book, "The Maze Runner", left my mind reeling!
Can't wait to reach The Scorch Trials!!!

Dana Cheryl said...

You had me at Percy Jackson... lol!

I think that all the books I would have nominated have already been nominated. Looking forward to seeing the winners.

Btw, you are a darling too! I'm so happy that for fun crazy time at SUU. I'm glad that our friendship can still blossom, that we can still have wonderful, fulfilling conversation via blogging. It's been fun to come home to the rural South and rediscover the world I came from and then blog about it. Lately though I've been missing UT quite a bit. I hope to get at least one extended visit next summer.

Heather Zundel said...

Scott - Eep! Don't say anything! I won't have time to read it until after the Cybils! *covers ears and hums loudly*

Celtic Traveler - The setting really grabbed me in the first one. So dark and gritty. He's promised this one is going to go in a very different direction. Interesting...

Dana - I know, me too! And Utah is the place to hang. So much kitlit stuff here all the time (we get Scott Westerfeld for Halloween! How cool is that!?).