Not Gone.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Banquine by Cirque Du Soliel [Journey of Man soundtrack].

So as you've probably noticed, I've been kind of absent of late (and if you haven't, great! All the better. Keep not noticing). Here's the low down: I am editing my novel as furiously as I my smallish can't-reach-the-fourth-finger-on-the-viola-to-save-my-life fingers can blitz out. What that means is that I am inside my head a lot working out the details of the world, copying and pasting scenes, deleting scenes, rewriting or writing completely new scenes to fill in the gaps of the deleted scenes. And making a cool map*. And what THAT means is that I have less time for blogging, but only temporarily. Like literally, maybe a couple of weeks (I'm hoping less). Three max. I will still be doing Feature Fun Friday, because I don't want this blog to feel like a ghost town (ghost blog?), and besides, who doesn't love internet videos? :)

But the less I am thinking about other things like blogging, food, sleep, showering, etc., the more I can craft and hone this novel to the best it can be. And that means querying. And that means hopefully a very good book in your hands soon. So, do you think you can stick with me for a little bit longer with radio silence? Then I can come back and we can jiggy it down all night. And probably host some kind of cool contest to celebrate.

Until then, so you don't notice I am gone at all, I am going to distract you with... BABY ANIMALS**!

*I'm kidding about the map part. I hope. It hadn't occured to me until now. New ideas are always a dangerous thing with me.

**Because nothing says love and internet affection like baby animals. ^_^


Tales of Whimsy said...

Good luck! I hope you ROCK!

And you can hold me over with baby animals annnnytime.

Meg said...

Yay! Good luck with your writing :) Baby animals always work for other job is working at the zoo.

Can't wait to hear more in a few weeks!

Emy Shin said...

Good luck with your writing!

And eee! The baby animals! *cuddles them*

Charlotte said...

baby animals so cute!

I hope the editing and mapping and all go well for you!