Feature Fun Friday - Rick Riordan and The Son of Neptune.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): I Want Candy by Bow Wow Wow.

OKAY. Okay, guys, I'm ALIVE. And better still, I am back to blogging! :D (that originally came out as "blooging" so apparently I am also as coherent as ever). I am not done with editing, but the worst of the storm is over. I've ridden it through and come out conqueror, on top of a shockingly messy pile of paper and shattered bad-plots stuff. Thank you for sticking with me. I could not ask for better followers anywhere.

And news. I know you'll want to hear this. The promised party-contest is coming--next week. And it's personalized, or, will be. Because you guys rock just that much. Look for it on Tues.

But now for today's Feature Fun Friday. A new video of Rick Riordan introducing the newest Percy Jackson book, set to a most intense score (you know you've hit it big when you have heavenly Greek columns covered in mist as your backdrop and your own personalized music score). And I'm geekishly excited for this one (it comes out Oct 4th. Soooo close). Have a great weekend, everyone! I look forward to seeing you next week. I cannot tell you how much I've missed you.


Lucia (iLive, iLaugh, iLove Books) said...

Ohmigosh I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rick Riordan's books! I am super excited for this! Squee!

Meg said...

Awesomesauce! So glad that you had a successful time editing and that you're back...Thanks for sharing another awesome trailer!