Feature Fun Friday - Interview with R. L. Stine

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Do you remember R. L. Stine? I remember R. L. Stine. Do not ask what got it into my tiny third-grade head, but I loved his books. I read them voraciously. One of my favorites was a "choose your own adventure" about a creepy carnival (it's sad I can't remember the name of it anymore). There were 20 possible endings and only three of them good. I tried everything to get myself a good ending, you know, where I wasn't dangling over a pot of oil or a giant raven's claws were hurtling toward me...

Never. Not once, even after finding the good endings and trying to work backwards. Still - powerfully wonderful memories. And to get into the Halloween spirit, who better else than the children's master of horror than R. L. Stine himself? Here is a fun interview with him and I think he may be spot on as to why I loved them so much. Have a great weekend, everyone!