Space is AWESOME!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Indra by E. S. Posthumus.

Not only am I a self-proclaimed nerd, revealing itself in the most surprising and delighted ways, I love sharing that nerdy geekdom with the world. ^_^

This video makes my mind sizzle with ideas, and I cannot help but have it tied inexorably with Beth Revis' incredible books, starting with Across the Universe (A murder mystery in space. What more could you want?). But seriously. A chance to have any experiment you want performed up in SPACE? In the international space station? *dies*


It is for anyone 14-18, so even more reason to share this news on a YA blog. Is you are between those ages, or know anyone within those ages, go for it! *roots you on*

And because I'm on a Beth Revis kick right now, I would highly suggest heading over to her post, like, right now. She has a major contest going that I would die to win. It's behind a secret page filled with the kind of goodies that will make your eyes pop. But even cooler? It's password encoded so you have to work your tushie to get it. And yes the reward is that much sweeter for it.

It's an awesome password. It is so easy once you know what it is, and yes, I was *headdesk*ing for a solid minute once I found out, a lot like these people:


And her response? (I'm not kidding)

Yes, that innocent face is a facade hiding a heart of evil wrapped in maniacal laughter.

If you want to cheat like me, just "like" the Across the Universe facebook page and on the left sidebar is a button called PASSWORD REVEAL (subtle, I know) ;) And as an added bonus, once it gets to 5,000 likes, they will release the first chapter, which I am dying to get my hands on. And once you know the password, you can *headdesk* with me. :)


Meg said...

I'm weak...I'm going to the facebook page...
But thanks for letting us know about this! I am so excited about the new book!

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