This is dummy post. You have been warned.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): You Were There by Michiru Oshima [Ico soundtrack].

Feel free to skip this post. This is filler. You know, like how you would tweak the margins just a tenth of an inch more on each side and suddenly your college paper was half a page longer? I'm looking at you. *peers*

There is no purpose to this, other than to hear me ramble and see how freewriting in my mind works (it's kind of a scary place), and also, mainly, to get it so the form in the next blog post (and all it's glorious instructions) on how to nominate your favorite fictional food recipe won't be obscured by links on the right.

This template is pretty. But we do have our spats.

Taking up space...

Taking up space...

(I'm singing this by the way)


(No, seriously, I am)

Taking up space...

Taking up SPAAAAAAAACE!!!!! :D

(Hmm... Songs about space... Reminds me of this video):

(Yes, this is how my mind works. Feel free to be frightened. Or join me. I have cupcakes and licorice over here).

And THERE. That should hopefully be enough. What are you waiting for? Go nominate a recipe you want me to invent! *shoos*


Meg said...

Space? "A Million Suns?!" ;) I might have to go leaf through some Redwall books (that aren't in the cookbook :)).