I Have a Hankering To Invent Something

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): My Eyes by Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day [Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog].

So. As you may know, I like to invent recipes. Particularly fictional food recipes. Call it an obsession, a desire to blend mediums. Or that fact that I love food. Take your pick. :)

I have already given you Lamp and Plum Stew from The Hunger Games as well as two kinds of ambrosia from Percy Jackson (one I did not invent, but you'll see why if you clicky both links). And so now I have a need, an itch, to do something again. It's been far too long.

So I've created a form just for you. I'm leaving it up for a week and then I'll announce the winner and then all around deliciousness WILL BE OURS!!! *ahem*

Put as many recipes as you would like to see. Seriously, go to town with it. If you think of something I haven't given in the prompts all the better. I'm so excited. This is going to be fantastic.