Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): As the World Falls Down by David Bowie [Labyrinth soundtrack].

Is that title a pun? Because it is totally going down right now! And I am giving away THREE ARCs, just because of how fun and creative and enthusiastic you guys were. Enthusiasm definitely gets you brownie points. Or bookie points. But speaking of treats, you guys really latched onto that bacon cupcake comment, didn't you? You made reading your entries a treat every single time I opened my email.

And look. THEY ACTUALLY EXIST. I was astounded.

And apparently they also prove God exists as well.

from zazzle

But onto the winners! You know the rules (or are about to): I will email you - if you left an email - and if I don't hear back from you in two days, I pick a new winner. Got to spread the love if you don't want it. There you go. Simple as that! :D

Drumroll please....

(I won't make you wait long, I promise. I've been so cruel before. But oh it was hilarious).

First Choice: Jessy!

Second Choice: Ephrielle!

Third Choice: Lizzy!

Jessy will get first pick, but go ahead and email me your choices. If there is any overlap of ARC picks, I'll let you know (and the faster you pick, the sooner I can mail them out to you). And hello everyone else! You are cool. We are now buds. *fist bump*


Kami said...

Congrats winners!! Bacon cupcakes sound SO gross!