Literary T-Shirt Love Lives On!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): No Better by Melange.

Are you ready? Because the inner geek is about to be released. Yes, again.

Here is another batch of literary t-shirts that are just too cool not to share. A previous incarnation can be found here. Ah internet, how much time I wouldn't waste if I didn't have you. *snuggles*

The Original Hunger Games (on etsy)

The Green Door (on shirt.woot)

Lose Yourself (on shirt.woot)

Always (on etsy)

Judge a Man... (on zazzle)

Shirtspeare (this place has a lot more quotes. It's awesome)

The Fault in Our Stars Forever (on skreened)

Velociholmes (on snorgtees)

The Classic Blunders (on snorgtees)

Winter is Coming (on snorgtees)

Aaaannnnnnnnd just because I can...

Nothing is Unpossible (on snorgtees)


Jennifer said...

These are too cute and funny.

Sarah said...

All of these are made of awesome, but I really want the Always HP shirt! And the Princess Bride one!

Kami said...

That is awesome! I want the first 2!

Okie said...

These are great...a couple are currently sold out so I'll have to check back for Christmas gifts.

Thanks for finding and sharing. :)