Feature Fun Friday - A Special Beth Revis Book Trailer

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You guys get a special treat today. This is perhaps one of my favorite books trailers of all time for one of my favorite trilogies to come out in the last three years. Beth Revis thrilled me with Across the Universe, and then blew me away with A Million Suns. Seriously. Do you know how rare it is when a sequel is better than its original? Beth Revis did not disappoint. And now I'm DYING--not literally. She tends to kill off too many characters as it is. I don't want to be added to the list--to get my little hands on Shades of Earth. And since it comes out THIS TUESDAY, the wait is finally finally over! :D *dances* So here is the Across the Universe book trailer, released in Germany. And even cooler? Today is 1.11, marking the third year anniversary when this, her debut was first released. How cool is that?!

I've had a close friend who speaks fluent German translate it for us, which makes it even better by a level of quadrillion. But even just listening to the two characters and the emotion in their voices is fantastic.

So here we go. Anything in brackets  [ ] are written words on the screen while lines without them are actual dialogue. Enjoy, and have an absolutely amazing weekend, everyone!

I am silent as death. It is the silence that makes me crazy.

[300 Years in Eternal Darkness]

Maybe I am dead already.

That is my greatest fear.

[Far removed from the earth, underway in an uncertain future]

After 301 years when my body thaws, and I stay exactly the same as I am now...

I touch the glass in which she lays, and notice just now how cold it is.

[But something is not going according to plan]

I just want to scream!

She is the most beautiful being that I have ever seen… but also the strangest.

[For she is awakened too early]

I want to open my eyes and awake, but… I cannot.

[50 years too early.]

She must wake up.

[A great love, the dream of freedom, and deadly dangers]

Available in stores August 2011


Meg said...

I am soooo incredibly excited for Shades of Earth!!! I just finished re-reading the first two books and have my copy pre-ordered so hopefully I'll have the final book in my hands by Thursday!! :)