A FROZEN Addendum. :)

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): When Can I See You Again? by Owl City [Wreck-It Ralph soundtrack].

Thanks to Debz's comment on the scoop behind Disney's Frozen (formerly The Snow Queen), I realized there was indeed some information I left out. If you read the first post, originally they had wanted Alan Menken to create the music, and he was in fact attached for a long long time. But the baton has been passed to Tony award-winning composer Robert Lopez (Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon) alongside Kristen Anderson-Lopez (In-Transit).

And the second piece I forgot, which actually turns a previous statement I made in my first post a lie *gasp* - there IS one piece of concept art from the revamping! And here it is!

And for the full image.

I have to admit, I was kind of hoping for a different hair color since Rapunzel kind of nabbed all the gorgeous golden locks territory. But I am very curious to see what they've done and am wondering when they'll finally be releasing a trailer of all of us to see.  And I cannot remember where I saw it, but someone has been doing a re-imagining of what would have happened if Disney had set Frozen/The Snow Queen high in the Andes mountain of South America. It was a fascinating series of renditions of what could have been possible if they'd broadened their horizons. Llama reindeer? Heck yeah. I loved the idea. And it made me want to watch Emperor's New Groove all over again. :)

More unknown fairy tales coming on Wed! :D