And then there was three.

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My beautiful, gorgeous, lovely purple green beans have survived a vicious, brutal and completely unwarranted attack. But just barely. It was a massacre. Baron von Gopher and his army of despicable minions came in the middle of the night and devoured, nay, decimated 9 of my 12 little plants. The purple potatoes are also gone, vanished down their evil holes. I keep watering, but there is no sign of the purple carrots. So all that remains of my purple harvest is three very brave little purple green bean plants. I hope they make it. I'm standing watch with a pellet gun and a stink eye to the Baron.

Clue #2

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Here is the second clue to the Uber-Secret-Project-of-Pure-Awesomeness. Can you guess it yet? (I think the next clue will be the big one, especially if you combine it with this one). I hope you know what this is. Then you can enter a whole new realm of geekhood with me.

Monday's Muse, 19th edition.

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This was originally an idea from Au Courant started in March, an idea she has graciously let me run with.

The idea is to introduce you to unknown, forgotten, or overlooked fiction that has been lost from regular radar. I am WriterGirl. I am in the business of saving lives, one book at a time.

What I do is go to amazon, narrow it down to a YA field and type in a random word, any word that comes to mind. I then take a sampling of some I have never heard of before, or only vaguely heard of (and hopefully you as well). No infringement is intended for any description I take for the books. It's purely for promotional reasons. I will try and cover as many genres as possible that are fitting for the random word. Simple but it really uncovers some incredible gems. I will be doing this every other Monday. If there are any words you want to prompt me with, go ahead and fire away.

Today's random word:

(Not a lot this time. I have no idea why. You'd think that search term would come up with oodles).

Why I Fight by J. Adams Oaks

Ever since he turned 12-and-a-half, Wyatt has been on the road with his cool uncle Spade, who lives by his wits and has a different “ladyfriend” in every new town they visit. For six years his uncle’s Chevy “was my house,” Wyatt tells the reader, and “all his ladyfriends was my mom.” It’s Spade’s idea that Wyatt, who is unusually tall and strong, should start bare-knuckle fighting for money, and the boy, heartbreakingly eager to please, complies, winning fight after fight . . . until the last one. Oaks’ first novel is a breathtaking debut with an unforgettable protagonist, a boy who may claim he hates the word love but is nonetheless desperately in search of it and of himself. The voice Oaks has created for Wyatt to tell his painful and poignant story is a wonderful combination of the unlettered and the eloquent. One example, his description of Spade: “I looked at him real good: his skin like a greasy diner, his black eyes like spiders in holes, his body like a starved bird.” Will Wyatt ever find himself? Readers who meet him will care desperately about the answer. --Booklist, Michael Cart.

Kyle Oaks: The Fight for the Throne by Justus Stewart.

Justus lives in Saranac Lake, New York. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He is also a member of the Cub Scouts Pack 9. He enjoys playing the piano, writing and building things. Justus’ favorite authors are Russell Banks, J.K. Rowlings and C.S. Lewis. They inspired him to write this book. King Kyle started out first as a drawing and a few words. That turned into more of a thought that he wanted to turn his idea into a book. His dream of being publish at 10 years old has come true and wants to share his story with each and everyone of you just like his favorite authors do with their stories. He hopes you enjoy reading this book as much as he did writing it.

Feature Fun Friday - A Toddler Reads

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Today I'm reaching into my pocket and pulling out the adorable factor for Feature Fun Friday. Seriously you think baby kittens or puppies-that-are-so-fluffy-you-don't-know-how-they-can-see are cute? This is cute times 10. Have a great weekend everyone!

Countdown to the Uber Secret Project

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For the next little while on here, I will be placing hints leading to the announcement of the Uber-Secret-Project that has consumed my life. Do you think you can guess it before the big reveal?

Clue #1

Just so you know -

I'm alive, I promise (I think). I don't even have the excuse of being at ComiCon (must not think about that or I may spontaneously burst into tears. I mean, Megan Whalen Turner is going to be there. How much cooler can you get?). This uber-awesome-yet-totally-secret project is taking over my entire life. But a post is coming later today. There will be postage to be had. Great, now I'm thinking of stamps...

Holy Cow! I'm in a fairy tale!

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Okay, this is a little late so you'll have to go back in time with me, but seriously, dude, my jaw dropped at this. So here I am plating my beautiful purple bouquet of vegetable goodness and thinking of all the beautiful purpley things I can do with them in, you know, three months when they're ready to harvest, and BOOM! I go out three days later to water them, and I have two little shoots sticking up from the purple green bean pile. I figure they're weeds, but they're growing awfully straight in a row... so I leave them. Two days later, I have this:

Dude! Someone could have told me I was planting Jack and the Beanstalk beans! These things are supposed to germinate for 18 days. And if I am using that term correctly, germinate means before things pop up out of the ground. If these things reach the sky, I'll bring you all back harps as souvenirs.

Secrets, secrets...

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Okay, so I promised secrets spilled for my absence lately (and honestly, it will continue for a bit longer, so bear with me). You see, it's something pretty big, narry, I daresay huge. Not epic huge like the free WriteOnCon, but it may be epic huge for readers. That's all I can say. (And that is has something to do with the release of Mockingjay).

Now I can't say any more in case it doesn't come to fruition (though it had better because of some of the stuff I've sent out. My butt is on the line if I don't deliver people).

So... yeah.

A lot is going down behind the scenes you aren't even aware of. Man this should be cool if me and my team can pull it off. Now, you must promptly forget. *does cool jedi mind trick*

So in the meantime, so you won't even miss me, here's a baaabbby koala!!!

(Photo by Erik K Veland).

Was that a breeze?

I'm sorry for my absence. Explanations tomorrow, hopefully. Thanks. Gotta go.

Feature Fun Friday - It's A Book.

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This is so good.

Thar she blows!!!

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It's a whale of tale, make no mistake. Just call me Ishmael. Or perhaps Leviathan melvillei? A new giant whale skeleton has been discovered in a desert in Peru and has been named after none other than the author of a certain fish tale (though there is some speculation still being held out if this giant whale was indeed once, you know, white). This is like something straight out of fiction. Okay, I'll stop with the puns now. Promise. Full article full of interestingness here.

Literature meets science!

My Adventure in... :)

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Last week I posted up this picture:

And for the first time ever in my "Guess My Adventure" series, no one guessed it right. I suppose that is a little unfair because many people guessed Washington DC because I did an internship there, and it's a logical guess. But that does not diminish this place's significance in any way. This place is very special, and I'm glad I get to show it today, one day after Independence Day (in America). This is the spot where George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States.

But it is not in Washington DC.

It is in New York City.

Yes, the Big Apple with such attractions as the Statue of Liberty

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Times Square

It is easy to see how this place could be looked over. But to me it is a sacred and special place. It is the final piece in solidifying the birth of our nation. The fireworks "rockets red flare" had renewed meaning for me when I saw them two nights ago.

Many people don't know New York City was once our nation's capital, or that any president was sworn in there, let alone our very first. Many probably don't even know where to find this place, Federal Hall. But it isn't that hard. It's right across the street from the New York Stock Exchange, and just down the street from Trinity Church (yes, the place in National Treasure).

I only got to spend a day and half there. There wasn't much time to see everything I wanted, but I am so glad I got to see this place.

WriteOnCon is ON!

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The big reveal of my adventure will have to wait till next week, because this truly news of epic proportions (and by the way, this is the first time NO ONE has gotten my adventure right. So this will be extra fun). But back to business. Most of us cannot afford to rub elbows with the much admired inner clockworkers of publishing at conferences (read: agents and editors) in the great lands of far far away. But now... you can.

WriteOnCon is an all online writing conference that is completely free. And they have some pretty big names participating, but there's no need to name drop, go click over there and see for yourself. The amazing people who have set this up deserves lauds and praises up and down. I know many of them and they are working their tushes to nothing to make this the best it can possibly be. So go now, registration started TODAY!