I'm ALIVE!!!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Outside the City by Young Galaxy.

Hey guys. Thanks for your well wishes. I'm almost back to a full tank, so to speak. I can see straight at least, and I call that good in my book. :) A squee-fest for Mockingjay is soon in order, but first I have a lot to still wrap-up on the most epic YA Fantasy Showdown (I can't thank you guys enough. You made it so wonderful and a veritable joy to do). And there is of course the big question bouncing around everywhere of

Is there going to be another one?

So it looks like the party is going to continue all through next week. Any maybe a giveaway. Who knows. I'll see ya there. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Jennifer said...

Wanted to let you know that I awarded you the "One lovely Blog Award" at

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and the team for running this. Too much fun (though I will admit to not knowing some of the characters - apparently I have some reading to do...)

An idea for the second edition, if there is to be a second edition:

- Have people vote on who makes it in to the competition (I'd still keep the one character per novel/series rule though).

- Establish the tournament schedule. Single elimination is probably the easiest but not the only way to do this.

- Have people write the battles and send them in. There would need to be some criteria for this (someone needs to win, length limit, characters must use in-character ability and behave in in-character ways, etc.)

- Have a small team pick the top few battles received and put them up.

- Have the vote and advance to the next level.

This might be a fresh way to do this again... and would give others the opportunity to be more directly involved. I would think there would be some talented writers out there willing to put pen to paper for their favourite characters.

Just a thought. Maybe it's a dumb idea or impractical. You know best, and I'm sure whatever you do, if you decide to do a repeat, will be awesome.

Thanks again and hope you're enjoying MJ.

Anonymous said...

i hope theres another one