Mockingjay Release Parties All the Way

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Psychological Recovery... 6 Months by Hans Zimmer [Sherlock Holmes soundtrack].

Since my excitement for Mockingjay is reaching near core meltdown levels, I thought the best way to channel this insane amount of energy was to find a suitable midnight release party for myself. Seemed pretty straightforward. I immediately go to my favorite indie local bookstore, and my jaw drops. Nothing. They are giving away books streetside in the wee hours of the morning. But no midnight release? I was reeling. I was a bit woozy. I needed to chocolate to steady myself.

So, slightly more frantic, I search for any midnight releases in my area. There are only three in a 100 mile radius. The travesty! So, in my shell-shocked state I decided to create a list of all the events I can find, to see if I can piece together the ULTIMATE release party for anyone wanting to make their own, now or later. :)

(These are taken from actual events being hosted in bookstores and libraries across the nation)

-Mock Hunger Games, with a real cornucopia of Nerf weapons
-Break into districts and defend your district competitions
-Cornucopia Pinatas
-Plant identification
-Cupcake Decorating (from Peeta's Family Bakery)
-Hunting and Foraging for Supplies treasure/scavenger hunt
-Tribute Preparation Stations to help you survive the Hunger Games
-Hunger Games Trivia tests
-Costume Contest for Capitol or District characters
-Free pizza (who doesn't love pizza?)
-Archery contests - Nerf style
-Breaking into groups, draw names from a have and have 20 min to dress a tribute
-Make your own Mockingjay pin
-Face Painting and Camouflage techniques
-Magic and Tattoo art
-Jugglers and Street Performers
-A frickin' CLIMBING WALL and obstacle course at one library!
-A Cinna-inspired fashion design contest
-Hair-styling tip station
-(At 21 and colder parties - Haymitch signature cocktails)
-Pre-ordering from a certain bookstore comes with a Silver Parachute District Gift (can I say "HECK YEAH!"?).

And a link with ever more ideas at Youth Services Corner

Happy Hunger Gaming. Remember, the YA Fantasy Showdown is in 5 days!


Tales of Whimsy said...

Oh wow. These sound SO cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Dixon said...

Hahaha! I want to go to that first one...

Magic Tree Bookstore said...


Where are you, Writer Girl? Are you close to Chicago? On Aug. 23rd we're having the coolest Mockingjay party ever! It's called the Midnight Uprising. The Tree in Oak Park, Il. is recreating Dist. 12, 13 and the Capitol (little bits of each). There'll be munchies (watch for those Avoxes), music, tattoos, trivia, fashion design competition and a reading by Suzanne Collins (through the magic of the computer) from Mockingjay at midnight. Everyone who preorders and pays for the book (with a discount too) will receive a pass for the party. Winners of the writing and illustrating contests will be announced that night too. And, on Sunday Aug. 15 we're hosting Catching Fire, The Game. People are invited to participate on a life-sized gameboard. This game was developed for us exclusively. Go to for info.

Mrs. DeRaps said...

Awesome. I need something to keep me occupied while I wait!

Okie said...

Wow...what a fun bunch of events. I haven't even checked on local midnight releases yet. Time to scour the schedules. :)

Jana said...

I am sure people are telling you all kinds of characters you forgot, but overlooking Alex Rider!? Oh well.