A Tournament of HUNGER GAMES Proportions

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*Bum bum bum!* (Yes, that is epic, "big reveal" music in the background).

Are you ready to finally find out about this thing that has been in the works for four months and has consumed vast chunks my life?

I absolutely love The Hunger Games. Any of you who have followed me for any length of time already know this. Ever since finishing the first book, I've been on a slow and rather desperate countdown until the next book comes. Waiting for Mockingjay has been pure torture. It's like having a chocolate bar dangling in front of a treadmill. It's just wrong. Mere hours after Catching Fire was released, I was counting down again.

I considered making a paper chain calendar.

No, seriously.

So while my impatience built into a frenzy, an idea came to me. What if all of our favorite fantasy-type characters were pitted against each other in a Hunger Games-like tournament? It seemed so perfect, and the most awesome way to pass the time until Mockingjay comes out. I found sanity again (until, you know, I actually started planning the whole thing).

It is a tournament, of famous YA characters to see who would be the true winner in a battle to the last character standing. They are going to be paired off in duels and duke it out to the death (or very serious pain). The winner will move on to the next round, until there is only one. So, not exactly like The Hunger Games, but as close as we could get and still have readers involved. Because you see, you get pick the winners.

There will be stats and a mock battle for each set of characters, but in the end, it's the readers who vote and decide who will move on. A list of advantages and disadvantages of each character will be given for an easy reference for those who are not familiar with any particular character. But even cooler is this - we've asked the authors to participate as well. They have a chance to write out their own battle and advocate their character. I honestly don't know how many authors will participate, but the invitations have all been sent out, and there have even been a few nibbles.

There are 32 characters (which will become 16, then 8, then 4, then 2...) and it is going down one week from now, on August 10th--exactly two weeks before Mockingjay comes out. So keep your calenders marked and be prepared to to channel all your Mockingjay love! This is a battle of epic proportions. You don't want to miss it.

(Would you like a sneak peak? Here is the main page for the battle royale. No, no battles yet. That would be cheating, silly).


Vanessa said...

This will be fantastic! Great idea.

Shayana said...

This is sooo great! BUT!!! It would be soooo much better if you started it in September, so that all the Teacher Librarians, and Library Media Teachers/Techs/Specialists could publicize it and encourage participation.
This is a great way to encourage reading, but it's happening too fast for us to use it.
Although... we may steal the idea. It's a lot like the Battle of the Books that happens every Spring and really gets the readers involved.
Looking forward to seeing the "battles"!

Katie said...

Such a cool idea! I love it :)

Katie said...

Okay, just checked out all the characters, and I'm going with Percy Jackson for the win! Yay! lol

Jana said...

GENIUS!! I am really looking forward to this. I will campaign hard for my favorites!

Okie said...

That's an awesome idea! Sounds like tons of fun. Looking forward to following all the action. :)

Hannah said...

This is one of the best things ever. Really it is. I'm pretty certain that Katsa can take them all, but I am super excited to see how this all turns out. Thank you so much for doing this!

Elizabeth said...

This is absolutely awesome! A lot of my favorite heroines and heroes are on there :) Thanks for doing this, EPIC!