The BIGGEST Snowman I Have Ever Seen in my *Entire* Life

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Brad Smith.

So here I was, driving to work like I usually do, popping in a few good CDs from the library and tapping out a beat on my steering wheel - when all of a sudden I pass a neighborhood and almost swerve off the road because I whipped my head around to stare, literally stare at this thing I could. not. believe.

It was a snowman.

Only the biggest snowman I have ever seen in my entire life.

Are you ready for this? I warn you. He has broomsticks for arms.

My jaw was still hanging when I got to work. On the way back I had to turn into this neighborhood to take a picture with my cell phone. But that wasn't good enough. So the next day I brought my whole camera set up and took another. My co-workers jaws dropped too. :) Dude. I'm still wondering how they got the head up there. It's almost as big as the house.* And look! He has a little family too! :)

*Remember all that snow I showed you a couple of weeks ago? Look what a lawn-full of it could build. :)


Unknown said...

That is so cool! How the heck did they get the head on?

Vanessa said...

There was definitely a ladder involved here. That's fantastic!

Katie said...

Whoa! That's crazy! haha

Heather Dixon said...

Oh. My. Holy. Crumbs. O_O That's AWESOME!

It's like a real life version of this.

Rebecca Gomez said...

Very cool. I've seen one like that before, but not in person. I think it was in the newspaper last year (we got tons and tons of snow).

Heather Zundel said...

Lisa - I have no idea! But it is so incredible. I keep staring at it.

NotNessie - Hey you! I have to believe so. Or a crane. A big crane. :)

KM - I know, right! :D

Heather Dixon - Well spoken. Except my face was more like this O.o :)

Rebecca - I wonder if it did get any news coverage here. But that's cool you've seen one this size before. I'm glad other people have the same enthusiasm (and dedication, goodness).

I still want to make Calvin and Hobbes snowmen one day before I die. :)