Best Guide to Creating a Character Costume EVER

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This post should get so much love it should be drowning in it. If you've ever wanted to design or create a character costume for a book that you love, that just hasn't been given enough love (or the right love) you NEED this post from YAthenaeum. They say it will more skill, precision, and clarity than I ever could. It's a blog that is not much updated anymore, but this post should be bookmarked, stroked, and kissed goodnight if you've ever thought of creating your own book character costume, whether it be for a convention, Halloween, or for fun (particularly if there has never been a movie adaptation for it). Here is just a taste of what is over there:

Designing the Costume

  • First thing to do is skim the book and look for any pages that may describe the character you are going to dress up as, mark these pages.
  • Physical details are usually given, but their attire is not always described in detail. Try to take the setting of the book as a way to figure out the outfit.
  • Start sketching, draw, throw in as many designs as possible, you can pick and choose later.
  • After you have several designs, pick what you like from each and combine them to make the perfect outfit.

So click over there right away. It's an unspeakably valuable resource.