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Holy cow. Holy holy cow. You guys, I'm floored. Most here generally know that my geekiness and nerdifaction tend to know no bounds. This just almost exploded my brain.

Remember how last week I put a book called Airborn by Kenneth Oppel up on my "Top Ten Books for Reluctant Readers" list? Well, it is currently part of a trilogy (I'm seriously hoping for more because I love it so, but he's been busy writing things like a boy/chimp relationship as brothers and the childhood of Dr. Frankenstein. So we'll forgive him). Every book in the trilogy is good, believe me. The third, Starclimber, is my least favorite because of how a certain, particular character acts but I still enjoyed it and I loved the concept he used. These books take place in an alternate 1920s-ish universe, and they build - an elevator into space.

And guess what? It's real.

Here, watch this video (which, even more ironically, I was planning to use for last week's Feature Fun Friday, but Rae Carson's video won out instead).

So cool, huh?! (I sincerely hope you guys could watch that video. Please tell me if you can't!)

And so here I was, already thinking that was such a cool idea for a story, loving it, going on my merry way. And then out pops this article from discovery.com and this wired.com tumblr post and I screamed out loud.

Go Japan. I'll still be alive for this if everything goes according to plan. And from the details from discovery.com article on how long such a trip would take, it sounds remarkably close to Kenneth Oppel's descriptions. So yes - good authors do their research! This makes me want to reread this series again like you wouldn't believe. *eyes bookcase*

Oh, to heck with it. *runs over and grabs books off the shelf*

Nerdy levels are at an all-time maximum. I love life. ^_^


Jana said...

LOVE these books!! I think Airborn needs to be on my re-read for this year...

Meg said...

Awesome! I am just about to re-read "Starclimber" by listening to the audiobook... Thanks for sharing!

Heather Zundel said...

Jana - They are wonderful. I really keep hoping he will write another...

Meg - Cool! Which one is your favorite of the series?