The Stupidest Deal Ever Made

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Drought by Vienna Teng.

I have a confession to make.

*takes a deep breath*

... I love books.


What? Don't give me that look.

Sounds like a dumb confession, right? But this has gotten me into quite a spot of trouble. You see, because of this near addiction (my family would bust up laughing at this, call it a full-on addiction. Pshaw. What do they know?), I have acquired a *few* books I haven't read yet. Heh heh. Am I weird for feeling bad for them? It's like they are watching at me, giving me sad pitiful looks of longing. They are practically begging me, saying "why don't you love me?"

And so this led me to make perhaps the stupidest promise on planet Earth.

*shakes fist at the reading gods*

*takes deep breath*

I vowed not to buy another book until I have read all the ones I own.



I think I'm going to die.

Don't believe me?

Well, I'm not sure what your TBR pile looks like, but here's mine.

This is what I was originally going for (didn't work out as good as I'd hoped)

And no, none of those are library books, or friend copies.

*glances at them*

*runs and hides*

Oh, and don't try and do that move without assistance. A mountain of books isn't nearly as nearly stable as it seems. This was my first attempt.

And here are all the books I have to read (I'll be crossing them off as I go. It is the great WriterGirl race!).

The Hero of Ages
Forever Lily
The Book of Story Beginnings
The Islands of the Blessed
The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society
The Invention of Hugo Cabret
Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo
Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
The Diary of Anne Frank
The Comet's Curse
The Little Book
Leaving the Bellweathers
The Novelist
The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Shadow
The Twelve Kingdoms: Sea of Wind
The Twelve Kingdoms: The Vast Spread of the Seas
The Emerald Tablet
The View From Saturday
The Mysterious Bennedict Society
Crystal Moon
Alphabet of Dreams

So what does your TBR pile look like? Anyone want to dare go into a race against me (because let's face it, I've got six months before Mockingjay comes out, and I would really like to buy a book before then). My hands are already twitching. Just a little. *glances at them* Promise. Anyone dare take on their TBR pile with me?


Alea said...

Love that picture! My TBR pile looks like probably 1250 books. So yeah, I could not do what you are trying to do! Good luck!

Heather said...

My TBR for books that I own and haven't read is somewhere in the 30s. For books that I don't own and still want to read it's...a lot more. So, yeah.

LoraliSophia said...

I have a confession to make too, Heather:

I have a very large and numerous TBR pile as well, which includes... *The Hunger Games*.
Yeah... but I'm up for tackling my pile with you, as long as you don't tackle me for not reading that book yet. ;)

Tere Kirkland said...

Ha! How appropriate!

I've been blogging about this a lot lately. I bet my tbr pile is bigger, lol. I promise you, all these books and then some are on my tbr SHELF! Yes, it's an entire shelf!

Percy Jackson 4
Percy Jackson 5
White is for Magic
Silver is for Secrets
Red is for Remembrance
The Maze Runner
Triss, a Redwall book
The Dark Queen
The Mirror Prince
The Cornish TRILOGY: The Rebel Angels
What's Bred in the Bone
The Lyre of Orpheus
Daughter of the Forest
Princes of Ireland:Dublin Saga
Triple Shot Betty
Braless in Wonderland
The French Quarter: An Informal History of the New Orleans Underworld
The Temple of my Familiar
The Broken Sword
Empire of Heaven
Rebel Angels


I really should move some of those to the top of the list, but there's no way I'm going to plow through this before Mockingjay comes out!

Good luck with yours!

Tales of Whimsy said...

FAB picture! I feel the same way!

Side note: You are one flexible lady! Do you do yoga?

Unknown said...

That is not too bad. I have at least 60 books, probably closer to 100... if not more :(. I understand you feeling completely about them staring at you with sad, pitiful eyes. Mine do that too.

To help myself, I started the Cleaning Out the Clutter mini-challenge. And I have promised myself that I can't buy books or get books from the library for at least 3 months. It is going to be hard, but I can do it. Good luck with your TBR pile.

Anonymous said...

I've made the same deal with myself a few times before and I never stick to it!
I think I own about 35 books that I haven't read yet.

Celtic Traveler said...

I have a notebook filled with lists books I need to read.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE!!!! that picture! Have a good time reading those. I'm sure you can do it, just don't get swayed into reading something different like I do.

PJ Hoover said...

Okay, I think my stack is bigger, and I'm making no such promise.
And your picture is precious!

C R Ward said...

Oh, please! That's just a drop in the bucket compared to my unread books. I don't have a pile, I have a six foot hight bookcase full of books I haven't read yet, and a couple of the shelves have double rows of paperbacks. :-)

Heather Zundel said...

Alea - O_0 Are those books you own? Or just ones on your TBR pile? I've stopped counting those.

Heather - I'm with you there completely. It is the pile that never ends.

LoraliSophia - Haha. I'll forgive you. But just this once. Trust me though, you want to read those books before the last one comes out in August. Just take my word for it.

Tere - That is a great list! So does this mean you are going to do it with me? :)

Juju - you call THAT flexible?! I thought I was an abomination. But yes, I do yoga (and I love it!). It makes me want to be a wee bit more dedicated. Then maybe I can do something REALLY cool... :)

Kate - Oh good. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :) And that is a tough challenge. I'm not sure I could last three months (which is why I'm trying to plow through these as fast as I can. I need books). I'll have to keep an eye on your blog for any giveaways. :)

Kat - I have too! But I'm sticking it to this time if it kills me. Let no book be unloved! That's part of the reason why I posted it here. There's no backing out now.

Celtic Traveler - I used to keep one of those. Then I lost it.

Jennifer - Thanks! I didn't know it would be such a hit! I really will have to brush up on my yoga now...

PJ Hoover - Thanks. :) And why not? It's fun. Really. Heh heh.

C R Ward - I figured people would have a lot bigger piles than mine, buy I think yours takes the cake. Double stacked? Oh my. Good luck!

Alea said...

Those are books I have and haven't read. :(

Kimberly said...

Yeah. Not going to join you. Sorry. Though I respect your ambition. Some of those books in that list look MIGHTY familiar. ;)

Heather Zundel said...

Alea - Oh my. I'll never complain about my pile again. You have my deepest sympathies.

Kimberly - Heh heh, you weren't supposed to see those. But some have actually been waiting years longer than yours if it makes you feel any better. :)

Grace said...

Oh, man, I tried to do that too - read only books I have that I need to read SOME time this era. Didn't last long...