Adventures in the GEEKIEST Ice Cream EVER.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Howl by Florence + The Machine [yes, this was planned. :)]

I am a lover of many things. Desserts among them. And there is a place (a magical place, really) that is is one of the coolest, geekiest places you can go for these two fixes. It's called Sub Zero. And they make ice cream... with liquid nitrogen.

*waits for the geekery to sink in*

I am totally serious.

The first time I ever heard of it, my eyes went wide. And then I did this.





And it tastes just as good. Because it's loaded with SCIENCE. It's cryogenically frozen ice cream for heaven's sake! Where is Beth Revis when you need her? It's a mite expensive (no worse than Coldstone) but a new location opened up close to me, so I *had* to go again. But I didn't want to do just any regular old ice cream. I wanted to turn mine into a homage for a book. Did you expect anything else? :) And what better place to start than incredibly awesome Howl's Moving Castle?

First of all, it had to be flamboyant. And just a little bit out there. But hopefully have enough cohesion that offered something both utterly delectable while staying true to the fun and richness of the book (and of course the character) of Howl Jenkins.

I decided on three different ice cream flavors (custard of course. I can't imagine Howl wanting anything less) - cake batter, blueberry, and a dash of lime. Then I mixed in cheesecake chunks and strawberries. Off the wall? Most definitely. Tasty? Boy, I sure hoped so. (I was going off his personality. And his wardrobe. Man, that boy does love to dress).

So they gathered the ingredients. Look at all that goo. ^_^

Then comes the liquid nitrogen, piped over from a vat that looks like it could have been taken straight out of a bond movie.

Doesn't that just look freezing?


 Yummy science! He's turning my liquid goo into ice cream.

Magic science.

And how did it taste? Reeealllly interesting. You could taste all of the flavors and they all melded one on top of each other. The cake batter and cheesecake pieces really helped hold the other flavors together. They went a bit heavy on the lime. I would take that back next time. For a first try though, I thought this a great success. One member of my group said it felt like a flavor shovelful to the face. Another family member said I'd invented fruity pebble ice cream. I thought it was different and yummy. This just means I get to go back and try and make it better. I think I've found a new addiction hobby.

Are there any books you think I should try and tackle in ice cream form? :D


Kimberly said...

I'd really like to see what kind of Ice Cream you came up with for The Graveyard Book.

Vanessa said...


"And it tastes just as good. Because it's loaded with SCIENCE"

And also you are too funny. I would love to see the ice cream version of Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore.

Cara said...

I seem to base my ice cream choices on Joanne Harris's "Chocolat"...