Fantastic Unknown Fairy Tales - Part 2

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Ghost Story by Sting.

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Tatterhood - Tatterhood is just happy to be exactly who she is, which I think is super awesome.

The Little Girl Sold with the Pears - I LOVE that in this one the prince is actively helping her. Not just in ideas of how they can get together, but in the actual work. Heck YES!

The Singing, Soaring Lark - The closest thing to "Beauty and the Beast" in Grimms you'll find (wonder how many of you knew B&B is not a Grimm's fairy tale, eh?). :) And guess what? Their falling in love is only the beginning of the story. This one also includes three pretty dresses and a griffin the girl rides across the ocean to save her husband. And the beast is a lion. With a whole pack of lions at his call. Rock. On.

Snow White and Rose Red - Not of the the necrophiliac glass coffin affinity. This one is about two sisters, who *gasp*, like each other! And the great thing is, you can interpret this as two young sisters to two much older sisters, depending on the telling.

Don Giovanni de la Fortuna - Making a deal with the devil not to bathe for three years, three months, and three days for unlimited wealth? Sign me up. So much potential in that story!

The Golden Ball - a ballad, but still wicked cool. About a girl with is about to be hanged for unknown reasons. Her brothers and sisters don't saver her, neither do her parents, but it is her love in the end who does it. The sheer openhandedness of if just screams for a retelling.

Donkeyskin - Disturbing and unnerving, the disquiet of this fairy tale makes it more appealing, and the happy ending of it that much sweeter, I think.

Cap-o'-Rushes - Similar to Donkeyskin, minus the enormous factor of incest, it holds a deeper similarity to Allerleirauh, and I love that when she goes to the balls there is no mention of her having these insanely gorgeous dresses to show her "true beauty" underneath and rather that she is just herself instead. The cinched up ending with the salt is also super cool.

The Three Dogs - While irksome with the aggravatingly complacent (and basically fainting) heroine, there is a lot of fun things that could be done here with a modern revamp. I especially like the potential for the relationship between the brother and sister.

The White Snake - I don't know why eating a white snake and-thus-giving-you-the-ability-to-talk-to-animals is so cool, but, you know, it is.