More Fantastic Unknown/Forgotten Fairy Tales

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Ten Fantastic Unknown/Forgotten Fairy Tales - Grimm's Edition
Fantastic Unknown/Forgotten Fairy Tales - Part 1
Fantastic Unknown/Forgotten Fairy Tales - Part 2

The Prince and the Princess in the Forest - Dude, a lot happens in this story. If you could even include pieces of it, it would make for a rich tale.

The Gold-Children - Similar to the Two Brothers, but there is enough here that the brothers could have very different personalities and their own stories to tell. And I feel bad for that little fish.

The Enchanted Doe - Now here is one where the King has a fascinating story to tell. Almost more than his sons.

Jūratė and Kastytis‬ - could be considered more of a legend. But it is still really neat.

The White Duck - I just see potential in this story.

The Two Caskets - The first Alice in Wonderland? Plus, talk about a jack-in-the-box at the end.

The Magic Swan Geese - Now this one is interesting just for the fact of the reversal of the scorned=punished scenario.

Prunella - This girl's got personality. This just demands for a retelling somewhere.

The Mermaid and the Boy - Is it strange that two things stuck out the most to me in this fairy tale? 1 - that the princess plays the violin, and 2. if she hates all men at the beginning, does that mean her guards are women?

The Wounded Lion - A simple, but rather sweet story with a fun little twist on how the young woman gets the prince instead of the princess.

The White Dove - There are quite a few fairy tales about forgetting promises, but the princess's initiative makes this one stand out. They both seem to be clever in this one. Plus I love the imagery in their escape.

What Came of Picking Flowers - This one you'll just have to see for yourself. :)