Monday's Muse, 19th edition.

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This was originally an idea from Au Courant started in March, an idea she has graciously let me run with.

The idea is to introduce you to unknown, forgotten, or overlooked fiction that has been lost from regular radar. I am WriterGirl. I am in the business of saving lives, one book at a time.

What I do is go to amazon, narrow it down to a YA field and type in a random word, any word that comes to mind. I then take a sampling of some I have never heard of before, or only vaguely heard of (and hopefully you as well). No infringement is intended for any description I take for the books. It's purely for promotional reasons. I will try and cover as many genres as possible that are fitting for the random word. Simple but it really uncovers some incredible gems. I will be doing this every other Monday. If there are any words you want to prompt me with, go ahead and fire away.

Today's random word:

(Not a lot this time. I have no idea why. You'd think that search term would come up with oodles).

Why I Fight by J. Adams Oaks

Ever since he turned 12-and-a-half, Wyatt has been on the road with his cool uncle Spade, who lives by his wits and has a different “ladyfriend” in every new town they visit. For six years his uncle’s Chevy “was my house,” Wyatt tells the reader, and “all his ladyfriends was my mom.” It’s Spade’s idea that Wyatt, who is unusually tall and strong, should start bare-knuckle fighting for money, and the boy, heartbreakingly eager to please, complies, winning fight after fight . . . until the last one. Oaks’ first novel is a breathtaking debut with an unforgettable protagonist, a boy who may claim he hates the word love but is nonetheless desperately in search of it and of himself. The voice Oaks has created for Wyatt to tell his painful and poignant story is a wonderful combination of the unlettered and the eloquent. One example, his description of Spade: “I looked at him real good: his skin like a greasy diner, his black eyes like spiders in holes, his body like a starved bird.” Will Wyatt ever find himself? Readers who meet him will care desperately about the answer. --Booklist, Michael Cart.

Kyle Oaks: The Fight for the Throne by Justus Stewart.

Justus lives in Saranac Lake, New York. He has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He is also a member of the Cub Scouts Pack 9. He enjoys playing the piano, writing and building things. Justus’ favorite authors are Russell Banks, J.K. Rowlings and C.S. Lewis. They inspired him to write this book. King Kyle started out first as a drawing and a few words. That turned into more of a thought that he wanted to turn his idea into a book. His dream of being publish at 10 years old has come true and wants to share his story with each and everyone of you just like his favorite authors do with their stories. He hopes you enjoy reading this book as much as he did writing it.


Katie said...

Cool idea for a recurring series! You should turn it into a meme and get other people involved! Then we could all save books one at a time. :)