Secrets, secrets...

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): My Freeze Ray by Neil Patrick Harris [Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog soundtrack].

Okay, so I promised secrets spilled for my absence lately (and honestly, it will continue for a bit longer, so bear with me). You see, it's something pretty big, narry, I daresay huge. Not epic huge like the free WriteOnCon, but it may be epic huge for readers. That's all I can say. (And that is has something to do with the release of Mockingjay).

Now I can't say any more in case it doesn't come to fruition (though it had better because of some of the stuff I've sent out. My butt is on the line if I don't deliver people).

So... yeah.

A lot is going down behind the scenes you aren't even aware of. Man this should be cool if me and my team can pull it off. Now, you must promptly forget. *does cool jedi mind trick*

So in the meantime, so you won't even miss me, here's a baaabbby koala!!!

(Photo by Erik K Veland).


Dana Cheryl said...

awwwww! i love babies koalas but i'll still miss ya. :)