Feature Fun Friday - Paranormalcy Trailer (and Interview)

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Dreams by The Cranberries.

So. There's this book out. That came out last week. That sounds so amazing I could die. That is both funny and dark. That has a shapeshifter as a love interest. So he can be Gale/Peeta/Howl/Jace/Jacob/Edward/OMG all in ONE. (Why did no one ever think of this before?!) Because seriously, shapeshifters rock. Hardcore. And that, in a word, is Paranormalcy. :)

And here's an interview with the fabulous Kiersten White!


Sandy said...

I've seen this interview before! I think her version of a paranormal world is so refreshing (and Lend is SO adorably awkward!) :)

Sandy said...

I forgot to mention Tasey. I love Tasey <3

lotusgirl said...

This is such a great book. Fun, clever, unique. Kiersten rocks. Her blog is so fun, too.