Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Perfect Day by Hoku.

Yes, you heard that right. Plural. There were so many wonderful comments and such excitement for these books, I couldn't help myself. So instead of one, there are three winners today (but oh how I wish I could give you all books. You don't know how this pains me just to have three).

And no, I won't hold you in suspense.

Much. ;)

The first winner is Onge wanting a copy of whatever I pick out (bwa ha ha ha!)

The second winner is Em with a brand spankin' new copy of Silver Phoenix!

And the third winner is Kasey with a copy of Showdown winner, The Thief!

It's kinda nice how it worked out and how everyone gets a different book. Let the love of YA Fantasy spread! And don't let not winning stop you, these are some really great books that were featured throughout the showdown. And keep coming back. You have pulled at my heartstrings. I may just have to pull from this list again on a rainy day and award another book most randomly. :) Congratulations everyone! Thank you for everything, truly.

P.S All winners contact me within the next 48 hours or I will have to pick new winners. I'm sure everyone else here won't mind if you're late though. :)


Kasey said...

Wow! I can't believe I won! Thanks so much. Emailing you right now!

Em said...

Fingers crossed that "Em" is me! I love YA fantasy and am dying to read "Silver Phoenix"! Thanks!

Em said...

I emailed you my address! Thanks!

Onge said...

Yay!! Thanks! I can't wait to see what you pick for me. :)