An Update of the Book Bomb of VARIANT

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Dude. DUDE. When you guys set your minds to something, you mean serious business. I'm still speechless. Our book bomb of Robinson Wells' VARIANT was bigger than I imagined possible. He skyrocketed up the charts to say the least.

Larry Correia did a blow by blow post of the numbers throughout the day. It blew my mind every time I clicked that little "refresh" button on the hour. The number just. kept. getting. smaller.

But here, Larry says it best the next day in his own words:

When I started this, I though we’d give Rob a nice little nudge. In the past book bombs I’ve been able to get people up into the top 20 of their genre. I didn’t know about this one though, because Rob was in one of the most competitive genres in the entire business. But it didn’t matter. You guys were all like, “whatever, gimme ten more copies.”

When I bought my copy, it was at #256. I thought the surge was starting to die down and oh so adorably thought I was giving it a boost right when it was starting to lag. *shakes head* It was only beginning.

When I checked for some comparative titles, I went straight for ECLIPSE by Stephenie Meyer (since it is generally considered the favorite of her series, plus I figured copies were being bought in preparation for the latest movie). It was resting at #3,660. Which is NOT a number to sneeze at. Do you realize what this means? You guys beat out Stephenie Meyer's book, if even for a single day! HOLY CRAP. Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't/don't/won't make a difference because you just proved them wrong.

Robinson Wells book improved 10,000% in a single day. TEN THOUSAND PERCENT. It shot up to the fastest selling book on amazon Thursday. (They have a special category for that one too).

And THEN to top it off, I checked the next day. I was met with this image:

You guys SOLD OUT the amazon warehouse. I think this is where my mind exploded.

The next day they had this:

(They have since had it back in stock, which is awesome, but who cares? You cleaned out amazon. Not many people can lay claim to that lofty achievement. Give yourselves a mighty pat on the back).

You guys blow my mind. You are so incredible, there are not words for it other than YOU PWNED IT ALL. And best news of all? He is still in the top #10,000 (currently at #5,663). He won't get to see any of the numbers for a while, but I know this made a serious dent in his advance. All of you, thank you. I am honored to know you.

(my copy just came yesterday! ^_^)


Jenny S. Morris said...

This is amazing. I really wish I could have participated. I still plan on buying a copy.

Writers ROCK!

Heather Zundel said...

It's incredible. And it's never too late. There's always Christmas presents. ;)

You said that last statement right!