A Library is Always a Worthy Cause

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You had a teaser for my BIG IMPORTANT post last week. But since my life imploded (exploded?...  the main thing to remember is - lots of little pieces), so you got a cartoon instead. A fantastic, choke on your chocolate-covered-almond-you're-eating-if-you're-not-being-careful kind of cartoon, but since we've had desert, it's time to get onto the juicy meaty stuff.

A library needs your help.

All of you who read my blog, I'm pretty sure you love books. Because, honestly, what else do I talk about? (except my random antics or varying degrees of hilarity --sometimes intentional, sometimes not-- but we'll stick to the books for now).

Here is the low-down on this little library:


Built over 110 years ago.
No running water.
Toilets? There is a compost toilet and hand sanitizer if that counts.
Built (110 years ago, mind you) to accommodate a population of 400. The town is over 450% that size now.
It is only 900 sq feet. That is puny.
It is so small they cannot have any volunteers. No more room behind the desk.
Story times can only accept 5-6 children (and if you watch the video, they are reading in the aisle, in essence).
They only have two computers. There is no extra room for students to study.
They do offer free wifi (only part of their town has high speed internet of any kind). People sit with their laptops in their cars, since there's literally no room inside the building.

The GREAT news is their state library commission agrees that there is both a need AND is willing to fund 2.1 million dollars if they can raise 1.4 million. Yes, that number is intimidating, especially since they are running out of time. They apparently need to raise this money by June 30. That is the end of this month.

I believe in good and worthy causes. I don't know this little town personally, but I don't think that matters. This town loves to read and with news of library budgets being cut or shut down entirely, it's nice to see one that has a lot of hope going for it. Really nice.

So here's me, WriterGirl, giving a shout out to them. Hopefully they can get enough  money in time. You can donate here or here. WriterGirl, over and out.


Vanessa said...

And I thought my local library was small. I will never complain again. Thank you for sharing this.

Kirthi said...

Hello Heather!
Oh wow, what an inspirational library that is! Those children are very lucky to have such passionate residents. 5-6 children for storytime? Honestly, they need the money. I'm sad to say that I'm super tight on money, but I'll definitely spread the word!