Adventures in cleaning!

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Aftermath by Soul Eclipse

6:30 in the morning is too early to clean an oven. Just saying. I learned things one should never learn at that hour.

Tell me if these directions wouldn't worry you: LIBERALLY lay down newspaper so as to cause no damage to the floor. Do not come in contact with eyes, skin, clothes or other mucus membranes (!?). Rinse cap immediately and drain excess water. Replace cap PROMPTLY.
Yeah, I had those yellow gloves on faster than you could say "toxic waste in a can."

Thoroughly dorkified, I set to work scrubbing. Warm water washing over rubber gloves is a very cool feeling, but that poor rag turned color that I don't think are quite natural. I don't think he can be saved. Poor thing. But because of his sacrifice, the oven is now squeaky clean. Like, literally. I squeaked it to be sure.

Last night also proved to be fruitful for my Writer-Girl skills. I got a ton of character shadowing done. For example, I now know what it feels like to breathe with no air. That was an experience. I sprayed the oven cleaner (following the directions to the letter, mind you), but nowhere did it say "don't breathe in before, during, or after spraying." I probably should have taken the hint when it said HEAVY DUTY on the label though. There was literally no oxygen in the air. It smelled fantastic ("fresh" scent!), but it was the only smell in the air. It felt like it sucked air from my lungs. You cough a lot when you can't breathe. And I scooted back on my butt faster than all get out. So, fantastic research for a sci-fi or other place with little to no air. Like a mine. Oooh, a mine, now that's a cool idea. *rummaging for scratch paper*

Who would've thunk you could learn so much from daily chores? So that was my adventure in cleaning. Oh, and it also rained today. So pretty on the metro over the Potomac. It's going to be so sad when I have to leave. I've really come to love DC.

P.S Photos are coming tomorrow. My blankety blank blank internet isn't working. I'm in a internet cafe right now. Internet cafe = no photos.

P.P.S My hands still smell like rubber. :)


PJ Hoover said...

It's always good to make the most of the cleaning experience. At least this is what I tell myself!