Thursday's proof of my insanity

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Wish You Were Here by Blackmore's Night.

Part 2 of my cleaning escapade yesterday. I keep having phantom "fresh" scent following me everywhere. It's kinda bizarre and I'm beginning to wonder if I didn't inhale a bit too much (you are now forewarned when your parents make you clean your oven. Learn from those who have gone before to bring back such precious knowledge).

Photo op! Scrub that icky grime away. And my ipod fell out of my ear. Poo.

Me rocking out with a very dirt wash cloth. I think the look could catch on. :)

And look! After one day, look at all the pretty lights across the country of people who have seen my little piece of the cyber-world. :) Though I'm pretty sure Virginia is completely because of me. :D But look at Ohio and New Jersey! I don't know anyone over there! I love you!

[Edit]: Massachusetts! I'm sorry! I was remembering the wrong state. I promise I know what you look like. And in other announcements, today is Support Teen Literature Day, how cool is that?!