Superhero Theme Song to the rescue

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Annie by Safetysuit.

I was glancing over my post yesterday and I realized I came off as rude/arrogant in a I-am-a-cool-indie-music-wizard-and-you-are-not sort of way. Oops. I'm sorry. And guess what? It turns out I was wrong. You can totally find Hrafnagaldur online. It's on and of course, itunes and amazon (where I bought my copy). So to make up for my accidental meanness, here is a piece of Hrafnagaldur for you (they didn't have the whole song on playlist, which made me sad, but the excerpt they do have of this 10 minute song is one of my favorite parts). Enjoy! You now can be a superhero too. :)