Feature Fun Friday - A Disney Fairy Tale

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): My Only Offer by Mates of State.

Ha! You thought that fairy tale month ended yesterday, but you were oh so wrong. We needed one more video of fairy tale goodness. And I'm going to the ultimate reminiscence from childhood - Disney all the way baby. No one has made a "happily ever after" quite like they have. And there are so many cute couples to choose from. ^_^ That's why there is this delicious video. It is the best one I could find (that didn't have disabled embedding with it. Grrr. Maybe I can edit my own for your guys some day... that sounds nice...) Trust me there are a lot on YouTube, so if you don't get your fill here, worry not fair readers. There are many romantics like you (and me) out there. Have an amazing weekend everyone! (Hopefully I will have the poll for our Once upon a time winner up later today. Cross your fingers for me.)


Unknown said...

OMG Have you seen the production stills of the latest Disney endeavor? IT IS RAPUNZEL. I am in fairy-tale-freak heaven!!!!

Kate said...

You have picked my favourite disney films.