A New Challenge

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Love Story by Taylor Swift.

Before anything, I have to say that this is not my post. It was inspired by a comment by Jazz, and I think it is an absolutely perfect way to tie up all the ends of fairy tale month.

In my post where I linked to a short story I had written for you (about King Thrushbeard), Jazz made a very thought-provoking comment (well, thought-provoking to me, at least).

Have you ever considered writing your own original fairy tale? I am currently in the process of writing my own. Retellings are wonderful, but I think it is important to have new fairy tales that relate to the world we live in better than the old tales do. And plus it is a ton of fun.

Truer words I have not heard in a quite some time (last Thursday at least). These stories are timeless, but why do they have to stop in the "way back then"? It really made me start thinking. Adapting has a tons of really fun challenges, but to craft something from scratch and have it compare to the masters we all know? Now that seems daunting.

But I have a tenancy to run on the side of the mildly insane, and I actually like these kinds of challenges. In fact, I tend to thrive on them. So Jazz, I accept. I will write a new fairy tale, completely original, and I will post up here for everyone. AND, as something fun, I will use the opening line from the winner of this month's contest about if fairy tales had not begun with "Once upon a time..." It only makes sense after all. New fairy tale. New opening line that rocks of awesomeness. So if you haven't entered yet, go ahead now. Today is your last chance.

Now, does anyone have any preference for elements that should be in this new story? I am going to try and keep to original "fairy tale" language both as a homage, and well, because it's fun. But as for the story - no clue. This idea just came to me yesterday. So shout them out. I may be inspired by something that you wouldn't expect. What about you Jazz? Any hints to what your new fairy tale is going to be about? Are we ever going to have a chance to read it? :D

(Okay, and confession - I picked my Theme Song for today. I had to pick an appropriate song to end fairy tale month. I couldn't let it just an end on a non-fairy-tale-ish song! You can slap my wrist for cheating).


MeganRebekah said...

LOL I love Taylor swift and that such is a great song!!

Unknown said...

OMG--I canNOT wait to read your new story! Those are all some seriously great lines (especially *ahem* the one with ninjas, :) ) And I can't wait to read it!

Jazz said...

Heather! You're awesome. My fairy tale has the working title "The Giraffe Bride" and it is set in a place that I don't come out and say is Africa, but it basically is. I am trying to stay true to the language of fairy tales as well! Even though I want new tales, I still want that magical feeling I get when reading the old tales.

As for story, I'd think about what is important to you about people, about the world. Even though I am writing a new tale, I do have it set in a village with no modern technology so I guess it is a historical setting, but modern settings work just as well. And I will publish my story on my blog once I write the ending (which will happen after I figure out what the ending IS) and revise. Good luck with your story! I can't wait to read it.

Kate said...

I can't wait to read your fairytale!