Words That Are Not Enough.

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Amazing Grace by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

I am grateful to live in a world where those who are normally silent speak up when they feel a need for a voice to be heard.

I am grateful to live in a world where people care about each other and where the well-being of another is a real concern and earnest desire.

I am grateful to live in a world where knowledge is so abundant and we have so much freedom to learn and grow according to our own personal desire and motivation.

I am grateful for stories - ones that can, have, and do change lives. No story is unimportant and I am so grateful for so many that have helped me in the quiet and dark hours others know nothing about.

I am grateful for the freedom of speech and thought, and the general recognized consensus that it is a basic human right and that it is important to retain it. In fact, it is vital to everything we cherish.

I am grateful for good people in the world, who truly want to help and support one another. I see it in small ways every day and it gives me courage and hope that this world is truly good.

I am grateful for things I cannot begin to express here. I am grateful for people, for thoughts and ideas, for courage spoken and unspoken, in ways many do not recognize as courage. I am grateful for people who stand when it is hard, get back up when it's harder, and for others who offer a hand when they cannot stand on their own yet. I am grateful for the human condition and the chance we have to learn and grow in this life - to stand, to help, to speak. I am grateful... for so much.


writergirl said...

This post just brings me joy and hope :) It's really amazing when you notice the good things in this world.

lotusgirl said...

I love seeing the good in the world around me.