One of the Best Review Blogs Ever is Back!

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Bookie Woogie. Haven't heard of it? I mourn for you. You have heard of it? Rejoice with me! The blog Bookie Woogie is perhaps one of the best book review blogs out there, and one of my absolute favorites. It is comprised of an writer/illustrator dad (he wrote the Hiccupotamus) who reads to his three kids, Isaac, Gracie, and Lily (in June Isaac was 11, Gracie 9, and Lily 7). He records the audio while they discuss it. Then he transcribes it and puts it on the blog. That's the review. And it is some of the sweetest, most hilarious, and intelligent commentary on a book anywhere. Oh, and then they draw pictures of what they've read and it is wonderful beyond words. I don't know another blog anywhere else like it.

Here is a little snippet from their review of A Wrinkle in Time:

Dad: So guys, we are going to review "A Wrinkle in Time." We finished reading this three weeks ago but, because of our vacation, we haven't had a chance to review it until now. Do you think you can remember enough about it?
Isaac (age 10): Maybe.
Gracie (age 8): That was only three weeks ago? It seems like forever.
Dad: Tell me about the characters.
Lily (age 6): Charles Wallace is a very, very smarty guy. He's a little five year old. He has an older sister Meg who I think is like 10 or 11, and sometimes she doesn't even know what Charles Wallace is talking about. I have no idea how he got so smart. He can make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

And they also have a purely art-based blog over at Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty (you'd be surprised how good these kids are at art. Methinks they take after their dad). They've even had their art done over by professional illustrators (it's one of my favorite posts). Oh, and have been interviewed for a magazine in South Korea.

So come over next Monday when they start up again. You won't be disappointed. :) And spread the word! They've been off the air for a while, and I can't wait to see what they come back with. :)


Rebecca Gomez said...

I love Bookie Woogie!!

Z-Kids said...

Thanks for the kind words Heather!
- AZ

Heather Zundel said...

Rebecca - Aren't they amazing?! :D

Z-Kids - You are most welcome. Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

This was really interesting. I loved reading it.