WriterGirl - An Introduction

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Heather's Song by Andy McKee.

Do you ever come to one of those crossroads and realize you're standing on a cliff and just saw how far down it is? That is how I felt about a week ago when I realized just how many followers I had.

Before, I'd been a little, under-the-radar, no one really noticing me, I-can-jump-around-and-be-silly-and-do-whatever-I-want kind of blog. But through the enormous generosity of others (I can hardly account for these surges myself, I promise), my followers have grown exponentially.

It has kind of made me feel like this.

I don't know where to begin. It feels like the spotlight is on me and I'm supposed to do something amazing, but... I don't know what. It's kind of terrifying (but new, too). What do I say? I'm a fairly private person, though you would probably never guess it. I love trying new things and sharing them. It brings me joy. But now the spotlight is on. What do I share? What is too much?

As a superhero, should I tell you how amazing and incredible I am?

The reason I chose the name WriterGirl, besides loving writing so much it aches, was because I wanted to be a superhero. I really did. But not the normal kind, with punching through walls or flying or anything like that. I wanted to be a superhero by being average. I wanted to show that if even I, who was the most ordinary girl out there, could have amazing adventures, no matter how big or small, then you could see them in your own life, and see yours is amazing too.

So instead, let me do this

Yeah, that's good. :)


Elie said...

your so adorable. Glad to be here.

Avery said...

Oh gosh! Are you kidding me??? I totally wanted to be a superhero (heck, I still want to), that punches through walls and whatnot! Spiderman's abilities? Yes please! ;)

But yes, on a serious note... I can totally understand what you mean, I always think to myself, "Hmmmmm... Should I blog about this?" or "Do people even care about my blog/ what I write?". I don't know, I find it to be a pretty humbling experience, that people do seem pretty receptive to what you have to say...

roxo said...

hehe :D cool post.I feel you on the angst.
Also, I linked you on my facebook

Meg said...

Just keep doing what you're doing!

Katie said...

Great intro - I love the idea of the ordinary being extraordinary.