Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on ipod right now): Come and See by Young Galaxy.

[Edit]: If the winner of the Uber Prize Pack does not contact me by tonight (3.2.11), I will use the randomizer again and pick a new winner. Possible good news for some of you. :)

I'm so torn on whether to torture you and force you to scroll an inordinate amount or just announce it straight out of the gate. Who am I kidding? You're probably scrolling anyway. Hmm... what if I make it tiny print so you pass by it? Nah, no fun in that. But that doesn't mean I can't force you to work for it! Bwa ha ha! Exercise that tiny finger, go!

For those of you who have stuck around, rock on. You're will power is great indeed. It is like a shining, glowing aura that.... glows. But for those of you who have stuck around, here are the winners of the referral packs, who get first picks even before the Uber Prize Pack (DO YOU HEAR ME DOWN THERE, YOU CHEATING SCROLLERS? *echoes*)

Ellz from Ellz Reads = 2
Chloe from YA Booklover = 2
Lexie from Book Bug = 3
Roxo Trevol = 1

I am giving Ellz and Chloe 2 books because they were insanely close from the second marker. Also, Michelle, Roxo, and Avery, if you want a poem or short story, email me ASAP. Or if you don't want one, that's fine too.


Now it's down to the Uber Prize Pack. (Don't worry scrollers, I'm sure you'll see this on your way back up). ;) Filled with eleven glorious books of wonder and enough swag to choke a horse. Are you ready for this?




Nope. Not there yet.

Not even close!

*checks watch*

*taps it to see if it's working*

Tired yet? ;)

I told you I'd make you work for it. ^_^

You know I'm timing this to music, right?

Think I can last a whole chorus? :)

Yep. That's a chorus. :) Shall we try for the intro to Stairway to Heaven? ;)

Nah, I'm not that mean.

Ready? The winner is coming up...



Congratulations Stella (Ex Libris)!!! Be good an wise with all uber prize awesomeness. Everyone who has won, please email me your book choices and your addresses so I can get them to you as soon as possible. Thank you guys so much for making this so much fun! I'm hoping I can do this something like this (i.e lots of cool prizes to give away) again some time in the future. Thank you again! :D


Avery said...

You are evil. Seriously. That took me honestly 2 minutes to scroll down the entire thing...
Thanks for the giveaway!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I have never seen anything like that! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! That takes making us wait to a whole new level. Tricksy, you are. :-)

Elie said...

Congrats Stella and other winners. Thanks Heather, its been fun=look how many followers you have! Now you have more of us to entertain.

Hermana Maw said...

Funny! I think my finger has a cramp from scrolling. He he. Congrats to the winners. :)

Lexie@BookBug said...

HAHAHA!! I love it!! Great post! I'll have to try that with my next giveaway. And I'm so excited about my books! YAY!!!

roxo said...

yay! I won! I won!!!
*scrolls back up to find e-mail address*

Pica said...

The most fun part of that post was all the scrolling. I literally laughed out loud.

Heather Zundel said...

Wow! I didn't know everyone would get such a kick out of it, but I'm glad you did! It's been a trick that's been played on me more than once. Definitely go have fun with it on your blog. ;)

Pica said...

Thanks again for having this.... whatever it was. It was fun. I wanted to let you know that you received the 7 Facts Award from me earlier today.

I love your blog. Keep blogging and all your followers, old and new, will keep smiling.

Vanessa said...

I kind of hate you a little bit for making me do all that scrolling and I didn't even WIN! But I'll get over it =o)

Congrats to everyone who did win! I hope you enjoy all the awesome prize-ness.