Pssst. Last day entry info

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): All Tomorrow's Parties by Icehouse.

*tap tap*

*glances around*


Uh, I probably shouldn't be making this announcement (who am I kidding? Of course I should) - but there are only like 30 entrants for the UBER PRIZE PACK of BOOK BOOTY AWESOME. And there's only like 15 hours left to enter yourself. A 1 in 30 chance is freakishly good for the eleven books, an Official Hunger Games Shirt and Pin (and temporary tattoo), signed bookmarks, and a book poster. And don't call me on this, but I think there is only 13 more people to follow me before I signed giganto book poster from Brandon Mull's Fabelhaven series is added to the mix. And a signed copy of a popular book you don't want to miss. So... yeah.... you may want to enter before midnight tonight. Just saying.

And I'm throwing this into the mix right now because I have an extra.

A book poster of the Breathless Reads tour, signed by all the authors (except Andrea Cremer. I couldn't ninja-tackle her fast enough, she was just too good. Do you hear me Andrea? I bow to your awesome ninja skills that exceed even my own). Well, good news is, you can now have a quest to hunt her down to complete your entire set. See? I've just made your life more interesting. :)

Alright. *glances around* There you go. And you didn't really see this message. This message doesn't even exist *does jedi mind trick*


*in a puff of smoke*

No, really.

Don't give me that look.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Um, I'm not actually leaving this comment, because I didn't actually see this message, but . . . *pick me! pick me!* LOL. :-)

Allegra said...

Wow, too bad. I don't have a Google account, so I can't follow you, so I can't enter the super-uber-awesome giveaway. I'd love to, though. My poor little bookish heart is beating in longing.
But just because I'm not getting a Google account to follow you doesn't mean I don't love your blog. On this note, I've just given you the "Seven Facts" award! It's waiting for you here:

Colene Murphy said...

Whoo! Exciting!!!

Heather Zundel said...

Shannon - I love you to pieces. :)

Allegra - Thanks! Don't worry, I feel love anyway. And thanks for the award!

Colene - Oh definitely. :)