Cubicles! The Movie! The Graphic Novel

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): Romantic Flight by John Powell [How To Train Your Dragon soundtrack].

I'm still banging my head against a wall over this. I was planning on announcing this SO much sooner. There is an indie graphic novel that sounds absolutely hilarious. The creator, Walter Ostlie, I think sums it up best:

A comedy, sci-fi adventure graphic novel. Two office workers face aliens, pirates, and space squid to save the company, get the girl, and maybe a raise.

Soooooo cool! It was based on a webcomic he did of two characters, Walt and Ost (names look familiar?), as they faced their daily routines of life in the workplace, almost in a Dilbert-like style, but set in space. I'm in love already.

You can also watch the video here for slightly better idea of what the graphic novel is about. And here is a sheet of what the art style looks like (you can tell he's refined his style quite a bit).

But the window to buy it only open for another 27 hours.



(I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I *know* I should have posted this earlier! *hides*)

He's already made the funding, so the project is going forward, but since this is a small print run and he is just beginning to show it at conventions, I'm not sure how available it will be after this. And seriously, a signed graphic novel for only $10? And that includes shipping? Yeah, I'm loving this (you can tell I've already bought mine) ^_^ Just wanted to give you this for a head's up in case you're interested. Spreading the love. That is what the internet is all about. :) Remember, if you want it, you have less than 27 hours.


Walter Ostlie said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I really appreciate the support, it means a lot.