Day 2 - FebSESSD (and of Contest Epic)

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher (I really couldn't help myself. I've been in stitches the whole time I've been writing this).

You guys are scaring me. You can't keep this pace up. Fibonacci milestone number ten has been reached. There are now ten books in the book booty, and now we start adding in the swag. :) Methinks I need to find a bigger box soon...

Added to the Booty Pack today -

A book poster for Anthony Horrowitz's SNAKEHEAD from the Alex Rider series and a Mockingjay temporary tattoo!

Book posters are kind of hard to find, in my experience. The only ones I've ever found are the ones where I go to the actual signing myself. But are they cool. Forget band posters or movie posters, I have my room decked out with book covers. And it is awesome. Break out your inner nerd. :)

But hopefully the next milestone will slow you down some (just a little?). The next swag pack is for the Catching Fire t-shirt and pin.

Oh, and if you are wondering where you stand at all at any point as far as referred followers go, feel free to email me or DM me on twitter and I will happily tell you. Or at least once a day. :) (and that is not a plug to follow me on twitter, I promise, but you will get a faster response that way. It's easier for me). Right now, most people are averaging between 4-7, though a couple are agonizingly close to the first marker. If you don't want to email me, I will be posting winners on here when they happen.

FebSESSD Writing Prompt: (you don't have to do this one. This is for if you're stuck): Today is Groundhog's Day, so why not write about someone who has to live the same day over and over again? Kinda like Lauren Oliver's BEFORE I FALL, though admittedly, Groundhog's Day had it first. :) Or you could write about a small weather-predicting squirid. Your call.

Photo courtesy msnbc.

P.S Did you know he didn't see his shadow today?! EARLY SPRING! *happy dance* Which is going to be a welcome relief to everyone on the east coast suffering from the Snowcalypse, I think. He has seen his shadow 98 times since 1887, and not seen it only 16 times. So today is a day of celebration. Go eat some cupcakes. Remember, today you're immortal. ;)

P.P.S First short story? Totally nailed it.


NotNessie @ Today's Adventure said...

The blizzard outside my window makes me doubt that whole "early spring" nonsense.

Elie said...

I love the snow. Right now it is raining snow-thats not as much fun.