Time for More Swag. :)

Current Theme Song (aka what's playing on my ipod right now): I Want To Spend My Life Loving You - Tina Arena duet with Marc Anthony [Mask of Zorro soundtrack].

You guys are. AWESOME. You are laying the smackdown on Fibonnaci! :D Lucky number 11! If it's not lucky, oh well, I'm making it lucky now. Because two numbers 1's is better than one, right? So, the book booty now has ELEVEN delicious books ready to come home. And that also means it is time for more swag. Ah, swag, the joy you bring. I said Catching Fire goodness was coming, and here you go.

I love the Mockingjay pin on the sleeve best. And the saying. And the fact that it looks like the most comfy nightshirt ever.

I couldn't get this one to turn so tilt your head, because I guess Catching Fire is so epic, it feels a need to stand on its head (this is the back of the shirt, by the way).

Pretty, pretty Mockingjay pin. *stroke* My precious.... No, it is not the gold Mockingjay pin (I think you actually have to enter the Hunger Games to get one of those), but it IS the official promotional pin for Catching Fire. Oh how I've wanted to hold you. But look. My willpower is strong. I resisted opening the package. But it was hard. *whimper* I so want this on my book bag.

Personally, I would turn these into artwork and frame them. I love me some Eric Carle hardcore. ^_^

Why yes, that is a signed bookmark by the one and only Beth Revis, a girl made of awesome in every way imaginable and with a book series to be reckoned with. You are going to want to get all of the swag on her you can early. I have a feeling she is only going to get bigger from here.

And do you need one last glimpse of all the awesome together? Yeah, me too. :)

Click here to see the last set of Fibonacci swag if you missed it.

And we have another benchmarker! Thanks to her dutiful asking, we found her under two different names. Congratulations Michelle Hawley! Email me so we can set you up with the first prize.

Oh, and as a general note, my spreadsheet is now grossly different (as in, way larger) than my actual followers numbers, so make sure the people you are sending are actually following. Because otherwise, I can't count them. :( If they put their own blog, or the name that shows up as their follower id, it is a lot easier to verify them. And I have to make sure they are following because that is the only way to make it fair to everyone (and it's really nice if they put your blog url in the first referral line, with your name, because then I can click straight there, but that's okay if you don't).

But again, to reiterate. You guys are have me floored. I really can't believe we are only nine days in. And there is more awesome swag to come. For those counting, the next Fibonacci milestone is for 144 new followers (and between you and me, signed books are up next, among other things). This is where the teamwork really pays off. Now to go find my socks, since they seem to have been blown off in writing this post... :)